Bag Charm

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Discover our Bag Charm in all Black. A touch of streetwear featuring black carabiner and SARELLY SARELLY tonal engraving. Pair it with any piece you want to style, like your Everyday Bag, the new Cargo Tote or your favorite piece of clothing.

Easy to wear and carry around with your keys, charms, etc. You decide when and how to wear it. You'll never lose your essentials again with the added bonus of looking amazing!


Our Bag Charm Black features a metal carabiner, a leather piece engraved with the SARELLY SARELLY logo, and a ring to add more charms, hang your keys, use as an extension and more. 

  • The Bag Charm Black is handmade in Mexico with an artisanal process. 

Everything we do is with love so that it reaches you and you can enjoy every moment.

Materials, Dimensions & Weight
  • Vegan leather (Made in Mexico) 
  • Metal carabiner (imported from China for quality reasons at an honest price)
  • Silver plated ring (Made in Mexico) 
  • Dimension: 15cm long x 5cm high
  •  Weight: 40g

 Handmade in Mexico City just for you!

Product Care



 Vegan leather is a material that must be cared for. Here are some special recommendations for your piece: 


We recommend you to avoid contact with abrasive surfaces, as vegan leather can be damaged or scratched more than animal leather. 


When using colored garments, make sure that they do not detach or pigment your piece with their color, because this type of stains are very difficult to remove on materials such as vegan leather. 


Keep in mind that a slight color transfer can occur on all leathers when rubbed, especially in humid environments and if you wear light-colored garments. To keep your bag clean and in good conditions, use a mild soap solution and remove completely with a white cotton cloth dampened with water. All light colors require more frequent cleaning. 


Do not clean your bag with solvents such as alcohol, acetone, paint thinner, bleach, oils, vinegar, waxes, silicones, armor or detergents, as these cause permanent damage to the material. 


Do not mark your bag with ink, as the ink may absorb into the product and cause a permanent stain.


For liquid stains such as beer, wine, juices, soft drinks, liquor, coffee, tea or chocolate, simply wipe the stain with a mild liquid shampoo-type cleaning water solution and rinse with a water-soaked cloth to completely remove the excess. Wipe up the spill as soon as possible, especially if the liquid has a strong color. Avoid putting your bag in contact with oils, grease, makeup, sunscreen or suntan oils. If this happens, clean the stain as soon as possible with liquid soap.

About our Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is a great cruelty-free and environmentally responsible alternative. It is composed of various materials, which do not react or behave in the same way as animal leather, so there may be color variations from one batch to another.

Our vegan leather has up to 24 times less impact on the environment than those of animal origin.

The properties of vegan leather make it a more fragile material than animal skin and due to the handcrafted process with which it is made, some pieces may present small scratches or slight wear in their folds. 

The vegan leather we use has a coating made of vegetable oil, which is a natural, renewable resource and does not come from food sources. Please note that a slight color transfer may occur on all leathers when rubbed, especially in humid environments and if you are wearing light-colored garments.