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Color: Black Cactus Leather
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"An Everyday Bag and a Cargo Tote had a baby and out it came: MINI MINI Cargo Tote. Small but fits your cell phone, 100% Nopal leather and basic tones that are versatile and go with everything. Of course there are chain options to make it as minimalist or "statement piece" just like our Everyday Bag model." -Anna Sarelly

The Mini Mini Cargo Tote is the extra, extra small version of our best-selling Cargo Tote. Super practical and elegant, offered in Canvas + Cactus (Nopal) Leather or full Cactus (Nopal) Leather finishes. Features an outer magnetic pocket, designed to carry your smallest essentials, embellished with Sarelly Sarelly logo. 

All versions include a leather handle to use your bag as a crossbody. You can also choose to purchase your Mini Mini Cargo Tote with our metallic chains and other branded accessories for a street-style touch.


The Mini Mini Cargo Tote is available in 2 materials and 6 color versions in total:

 - 100% Nopal Leather: Black, Camel and Beige. 

- Canvas and Nopal Leather: Black, Khaki and Off-white 


The Mini Mini Cargo Tote has no closure system, for greater practicality and comfort. In addition, its short handles function as a protective extension for your belongings. 


The Mini Mini Cargo Tote was also designed to mix & match with the Large Cargo Tote & the Medium Cargo Tote. During the day, wear them together to organize your life, and during the evening swap them out to take your look from functional to lightweight.


Tip: Style your Mini Mini Cargo Tote with:

Chunky chain silver 

Chunky chain gold 

But also with other accessories from the brand that you can buy separately. 


What fits the Mini Mini Cargo Tote? Everyday Envelope size S and M, Everyday Keyring, cellphone, AirPods, lipstick, sunglasses, chewing gum, tissues, 16oz water bottle or folding umbrella, pens and much more. 


How to exchange the chains? It's very simple, you can do it directly on the sides of the bag with your chain straps. The chunky chain can also be attached directly to the sides of the leather handle. 


How do I add an Everyday Bag Charm or Keyring? If it is the Mini Mini Cargo Tote in canvas, use the side loops. If it is the 100% Nopal version, just remove the leather handle, attach the carabiner/ring of your Keyring and close the handle again with the loop (adjuster). The other option is to place the ring on the side of the bag in the hole where the leather handle goes through. 


Each Mini Mini Cargo Tote is handmade in Mexico, according to an artisanal process that requires 75 steps and takes about 250 minutes. Everything we do is made with love so that it reaches you and you can enjoy every moment.

Materials, Dimensions & Weight
  • One size only 
  • One size only 100%
  •  Nopal leather version: Bag, handles, pocket and lining made of nopal leather (using organic nopal grown in Zacatecas). 
  • Canvas version: Tote in 100% cotton canvas, lining 100% cotton (fabrics made in Mexico City with Mexican cotton from Chihuahua). Handles and pocket in organic nopal leather (using organic nopal grown in Zacatecas). 
  • Only for the Canvas version: Brass rings on the sides (imported from USA). Adjustable long handle with silver-plated lanyards Pocket engraved with Sarelly Sarelly logo, closes with a magnet Weight: 260g 
  • Maximum outer dimensions of the bag: 14cm long x 6.8cm wide (without pocket) - 10cm wide (with pocket) x 29.5cm high (without strap) - 37cm high (with strap) 
  • Inside pouch dimensions: 13cm long x 6cm wide x 20cm tall 
  • *The internal dimensions of the bag correspond to the maximum size of what can fit inside the Mini Mini Cargo Tote. External measurements may vary a few centimeters between each bag, due to the artisanal process in which they are made. 

Handmade in Mexico City

About our Cactus Leather

Nopal leather is a real alternative to animal skin, made with a 100% natural and abundant resource in Mexico , the nopal cactus. 


This plant-based leather is produced from organic nopal cactuses grown in Zacatecas, in a sustainable way without toxic chemicals, phthalates and PVC. To produce this material, these organically grown nopal cactuses are cut, cleaned, crushed and dried in the sun for three days before processing. They are then dyed with natural dyes. 


The result is a certified organic, partially biodegradable vegetable leather. It lasts up to 10 years, about the same as animal skin. One of the characteristics of this leather is its matte finish and softness, which makes it look extremely similar to animal leather. Nopal leather has certifications from PETA, USDA Organic, SGS, UKAS, DAkkS and Öko-Garantie.


 IMPORTANT: The properties of plant-based leather make it a more fragile material than an animal leather and due to the artisanal process with which it is made, some pieces may present small bends, scratches or slight wear. However, this reaction of the plant-based leather does not affect the durability of the product.

Product Care


 Nopal cactus leather is an organic material, therefore your bag needs special care: We recommend that you avoid contact with abrasive surfaces, as cactus leather can get damaged or scratched. 


To keep your bag clean and in good conditions, use a neutral soap solution and remove it completely with a white cotton cloth dampened in water. 

All light colors require more frequent cleaning. Do not clean your bag with solvents such as alcohol, acetone, paint thinner, bleach, oils, vinegar, waxes, silicones, armor or detergents, as these cause permanent damage to the material. Do not mark your bag with ink, as the ink may absorb into the product and cause a permanent stain. 

For liquid stains such as beer, wine, juices, soft drinks, liquor, coffee, tea or chocolate, simply wipe the stain with a mild liquid shampoo-type cleaning water solution and rinse with a water-soaked cloth to completely remove the excess. Wipe up the spill as soon as possible, especially if the liquid has a strong color. 

Avoid putting your bag in contact with oils, grease, makeup, sunscreen or suntan oils. In case this happens, clean the stain as soon as possible with liquid soap. Cactus leather should not transfer color to other materials. However, some accessories or clothing may stain your bag. If this happens, clean the stain immediately with neutral soap and a white cotton cloth. You can also use a half-water, half-disinfectant, chlorine-free solution. Then rinse with water and blot. 



Although it is a very resistant fabric, it will look in better condition if it is well cared for. Here are some special recommendations for your bag: If your bag gets stained, we recommend cleaning it with neutral soap and a light, slightly damp cloth to remove the soap. If it is necessary to wash it, remove chains, rings or any accessory that may be damaged in this process. 

We recommend hand washing by turning your bag inside out, this will prevent wear and tear and it will last longer. Use mild, neutral detergents. Do not use bleach, alcohol, or any disinfectant product to avoid altering the finish of the different materials. After washing your bag or when it gets wet, remove excess moisture, without rubbing, with a soft cloth, and let it dry at room temperature. 

When not using your bag, we recommend storing it in its dust cover, making sure that the hardware is positioned so that it does not mark the fabric of your bag. When not using your product, we recommend storing it in its dust cover, making sure that the hardware is positioned so that it does not mark the leather of your bag.



About the canvas

The cotton canvas of the Cargo Tote family (exterior and lining) comes from a Mexican supplier. 

Their canvas is made in Mexico City, with Mexican cotton from Chihuahua. This supplier specializes in 100% cotton fabrics, and creates innovative and fabrics for customers in Mexico, USA, Latin America and Europe. 

The canvas we use is 100% cotton and is dyed using reactive dyeing, which means that it is fixed by heat. The fabric is interwoven with gabardine. It is bonded with natural rubber organic base adhesive. It is a canvas of excellent quality which combines strength and softness, perfect for an everyday use.

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